American Indian Art Therapy American Indian Art Therapy creates bridges between Native communities and the art therapy community to provide therapeutic arts-informed programming.  Their community-driven approach supports cultural relevant methods geared toward sustainability. AIAT’s aim is twofold: To promote the visual arts as a means of social change in Native communities as well as enhance competencies in social and cultural diversity; .
 International Child Art Foundation International Child Art Foundation (ICAF) was founded to serve as the national art and creativity organization for American children and the international arts organization for the world’s children. The ICAF has been a pioneering force in effectively and systematically bringing about a change in awareness about children’s creativity and empathy through a decade of innovative programs, publications and events. For more information, visit the ICAF website.
 Dreaming Zebra Foundation Dreaming Zebra’s Community Art Recycling Program provides access to art and music supplies for thousands of children, schools, art therapy programs and community organizations throughout the United States. In 2012, Dreaming Zebra provided free art supplies, musical instruments, and public art experiences to more than 50,000 young artists — children who otherwise might not have experienced the joys and benefits of an art education.
ARC The ARC Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to children in need of a voice. Established as a disaster relief effort, The ARC Project responds in a state of an emergency to assist children therapeutically when disaster strikes. In the months and years after, rebuilding a community is emotionally draining for our young, seeking security & identity. ARC’s mission is to offer children a safe and inspirational environment to express their feelings of loss, abandonment, confusion, fear, etc. by giving them the tools to paint, draw and color. With the help of volunteer Art Therapists and Art Counselors guiding these children, they can stabilize, feel refreshed and relax their minds. 
logo-150x150 VOFAIR’s objective is to promote and guarantee transparency in international volunteering. To do this, the association: Promotes NGOs and their programs on its website, boosting the NGO’ effectiveness and transparency; Certifies volunteer programs for various criteria of quality. For now, VOFAIR is focusing its work on South America, but in the nearest future it will expand to other regions of the world. Contact VoFAIR directly if you are interested in humanitarian art therapy efforts and how you can volunteer.
full Sankalpa: Art Journeys provides art therapy, creative literacy and empowerment programs as a bridge between village youth and women in south India, the international community of Auroville, and beyond. The mission of Sankalpa is two-fold: to provide supportive spaces, resources and education for open creative expression, nurturing awareness reflected in art; and to facilitate global art exchanges, bridge barriers between cultures, and explore transformation through connection. Sankalpa is a Sanskrit word for intention, affirmation, willpower and determination; the qualities necessary to soon manifest the dream of a sustainable art center as a base in south India. Follow updates on Facebook.