Art Therapy & Social Action

 Postcard_march084 copy 2Around the world, art therapists, artists, individuals, and groups are using art to impact public awareness of social issues. They are envisioning and implementing innovative projects that join creative talents to bring about collaborative and compassionate solutions to societal issues, the environment, and global problems. Learn more on this page about the increasing number of creative individuals who believe in the potential of art to transform communities and change lives in schools, neighborhoods, cities, and countries. The slide presentation below has several films embedded in it that underscore the power of art and art therapy as social transformation and social action.

Art Therapists are advocates and social activists by nature of their work in mental health, healthcare, community agencies, and service to others around the world. This presentation by Cathy Malchiodi, ATWB President, summarizes how art therapists can become advocates and activists on both a local and global level.

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