About ATWB

Art Therapy Without Borders, Inc., a 501 (c) 3 non-profit incorporation and has been organized exclusively for charitable, educational, and networking purposes to promote, develop, and support international humanitarian art therapy initiatives and the work of art therapists worldwide.


To promote the therapeutic use of art and advancement of art therapy research in mental health, healthcare, educational, community, and independent practice settings;

To establish an international network of colleagues, students and other interested individuals;

To support the development of education, communication, and exchange of information on art therapy;

To promote understanding of art therapy through dissemination of leading edge news and development of media, online education, archives, and publications;

To encourage public recognition of art therapy through development of opportunities to serve to others in need, enhance health, and transform lives;

To advance collaborative research and program development.

Art Therapy Without Borders, Inc., has a Board of Directors and Advisory Council and maintains a non-profit status by meeting the regulations for such corporations as stated by law.


Living the Future: Art Therapy Without Borders